Will the social media remain a major issue for brands in 2019?


Social media: At a time when the overabundance of content and algorithmic power are the beasts of all communicators, the question of ROI on social networks arise. Do brands still have an interest in investing in this channel?

Social networks vs. Social media

Formerly avant-garde, social networks are now too often considered as simple tools for creators of content. Like other communication channels, they are more and more understood as a medium. It is time to return to the basics: social networks are real ecosystems that must be tamed. It is essential to redefine the concept of “social” by creating innovative, differentiating content to provide a real experience, by placing exchange and conversation at the heart of the strategy, putting the user at the center of his thinking.

Starting From the target, its uses, and its virtual course

Bounce back on the news with original posts like Oasis on Facebook, inspire with graphic and refined communication like McDonald’s on Instagram or entertain on Snapchat like Konbini … The brands must today adapt to the habits of their audiences on the different platforms without launching  them body and soul on the latest fashionable format. Each brand must fulfill a promise and build their identities  according to the Internet users they wishes  reach. But this construction is not binary, it must take account both the values ​​of the brand and the life course – virtual – of its target.

Moreover, advertisers no longer need to spend exorbitant amounts to be visible on social networks. Everything is played on the knowledge of the audience and the analysis of its behaviour.

Social Listening & Social CRM to better know your targets

Social networks can be likened to a social dinner: everyone must be able to put forward, without annoying all guests. It is necessary to make interesting not to appear interested! Social CRM to better know your targets.

Social Listening & Social CRM can thus be effective methods to better understand the human: the collected data of the users are analyzed to define trends and to extract valuable insights from your customers or prospects.

This method makes it possible to give meaning to the production of content, more reasoned, so that the information is read and digested.

Opt for micro-influence to get a better engagement rate.

It’s more to prove, working with influencers can prove to be very effective in reaching out and convincing a new audience.

Initially, influencer marketing involved mainly celebrities and the first results had shown campaigns, though successful in terms of visibility and reach, but whose commitment could be disappointing.

This can be explained in particular by an often poorly targeted audience, a lack of influencers’ attachment to the brands they promote and messages that are sometimes poorly understood.

This is the reason why a strategy of niche influence seems to be the solution. Indeed, micro-influencers devote time to the exchange with their community and thus create closer and authentic links with their followers. It is this proximity and reliability that in turn generates the high engagement rates sought by brands.

For advertisers, to find a place on social networks requires a community approach to the audience, to think audience first. The general public has repeatedly shown signs of advertising aversion and rather limited attention, the scope of content is therefore of paramount importance. They must be designed to be visible to the target, in an ever more complex ecosystem. Social Listening, Storytelling, Influence Marketing are all ways that serve an end goal: to create a link to establish a lasting relationship with your target audience


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