The King of Foil , Kai Lenny


Kai Lenny , the king of Foil !

From a little while now, Kai Lenny has tamed the swells on the high seas with his hydrofoil. The Hawaiian has passed the upper level by taking his craft to cross the 80 km between the main island of Hawaii and that of Maui. According to him it was “the longest route I have ever traveled in foil. I traveled nearly 80 km to cross the Aleluihaha.

His new project is to connect all the islands of Hawaii in foil, how to go from dream to reality in a few swings paddles…

More About Kai Lenny

He’s born and lives on the island of Maui and surfs spots like Jaws or Hookipa.
He became the first wave standup paddle world champion in 2010 at the SUWT (Stand Up World Tour) winning the Sunset Beach Pro and Hawaii Island Pro. He won his second title the year after winning the Sunset Beach Pro and La Torche, France Pro. In 2012, he won the first SUP Race World Championship title at the Standup World Series.

In 2013, he won a second world champion title and a third wave title.

He is also known to have surfed the huge wave of Jaws on four different mediums in the same day in towed surf, sup, windsurf and kitesurfing.

It is sponsored by Red Bull, Naish, Turtle Bay Resort, Vertra, GoPro, Oakley, MFC Finishes, and recently [When?] By Hurley and Nike.

In 2015, Kai joined Team TAG Heuer (alongside athletes such as Maria Sharapova, Cristiano Ronaldo or Jeremy Lin).

His Facebook Page: Kai Lenny