Take beautiful videos with a smartphone


Today, thanks to the performance of smartphone lenses, creating beautiful Full-HD and even Ultra-HD/4K videos has never been easier. But a few points must still be respected for a most professional result.

Before you start filming: 

  • Make sure that the brightness is good, the frame (no garbage for example)…
  • Prepare a mini-scenario
  • Check the battery status

When you film:

  • Turn your phone to landscape mode, and yes no movie has ever been shot in portrait mode….
  • Do not touch the zoom, prefer to do several sequences by moving closer
  • Consider the lighting: not too much shadow/sun contrast
  • Choose a tripod if you have one. Otherwise, to avoid shaking too much, breathe, lean on your 2 feet and hold your phone with both hands.
  • Film in short sequences (a few seconds) that you will assemble during editing
  • If you are filming people, the smartphone must be at the person’s face level. But be careful not to place the character in the center of the screen, rather place it on one side of the image
  • To go further, there are objectives for smartphones, like Pixter


Editing your video:

  • Your video should be between 60 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes long
  • Choose small thematic videos rather than a long video that no one will see entirely
  • Add a background sound to your video but be careful to choose a royalty-free music. Some royalty-free music sites: AudioJungleAuBoutDuFil or YouTube by searching for “royalty-free music”.
  • Use free video editing applications. Some examples: iMovie (if you are on iPhone), Slice (Android and iPhone) or the application by GoPro Quick (Android and iPhone).

So here we are, hoping that our few tips will be useful to you. To finish, here is a short video filmed with the iPhone XS:

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Take beautiful videos with a smartphone