Organize events for companies


Organize events for companies

In Europe, there is not much connection between sport and business in comparison to the United States. However, these two entities are not so disconnected because from their organization, functioning to their purpose, we acknowledge similarities: success, passion, teamwork, rigour, training, falls, mutual aid or strategy…

As a result of this analysis, companies are now turning to sports activities for their “Team Building” events. This is a great opportunity for you, water leisure facilities, who can diversify your offer !

SpotyBusiness is committed to supporting you in the best way possible in the development of your business, which is why we give you some advice about :

How to organize a seminar or company events on your leisure spot ?

1 – Set up a workspace 

Indoors or outdoors, create a workspace for the company’s members. Nothing very big, only a pleasant space (not in the bright sunlight) where the team can meet, exchange and work. If possible, provide a board, sheets and pens…

comité-entreprise-atlantic-wakepark-spotybusinessPicture : Atlantic Wake Park 

2 – A restaurant area

If, on the other hand, you don’t have anything to restaurate your customers, you can communicate about a partnership with the services of a caterer for example.

3 – Create a challenge

The company seminars are planned in order to better know oneself and the other members of the company. Challenge them, plan activities that will make them difficult, strategy and/or speed. If your customer has chosen your spot for this event, it is because he expects sensation for his employees. If you are a multi-activity spot, why not set up a huge relay race through all the sports that can be practiced on your site?

4 – Enhance your activities

This may seem obvious…. But each person present at this corporate event represents a potential future customer for you. That’s why his time at your home must be memorable for him to want to share it with new people. For multi-activity spots, direct people less comfortable towards quieter sports: paddle rides, pedal boat… the aim is obviously not to frighten them !


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