IOT and Water Sports : win win


IOT and Water Sports

Connected objects are constantly progressing in our society. There are currently 26.66 billion. Among the sectors that love it water sports are in the lead. With the possibility of analysing and monitoring its performance, smart objects have become privileged partners for sportsmen and women but also for all those who are passionate.

So for you, dear community, we have planned the top 10 trending connected objects for water sports.

1. BB talkin’ : the new generation coaching tool

With BB talkin everyone can talk to the rider to make sure not loosing time in your coaching. You would be able to learn and practice at the same time. A genuine asset for water sports.


2. Weather flow meters : the high tech weather tools

Weather flow meters are a highly accurate miniatures weather device used with your smartphone to measure wind (speed and direction), temperature, humidity and pressure readings. You can record data and share reports instantly. Plus, its connects wirelessly to your smartphone.

3. Pic sensor : a sensor which glides

With its 13 measuring axes, this connected sensor calculates in real time the height, suspension time and landing force during your sessions. It allows you to see your performance live on the screen. In addition, the piq application is connected to Bluetooth and saves your data for one year.

4. Ploota : the smart water lifebelt

Given that 372,000 people drown every year, this technology could save a lot of lives. This flotation aid inflates automatically when it senses trouble, keeping your head above the water. It works even if you are unconscious or panicking. The lightweight design is great for novice swimmers and pros alike. Practising water sport is great, practising in a safe way is much better !

5. Biki: the fish drone

To keep unforgettable memories of your holidays, this mini drone is made for you. It is the first bionic underwater drone in the world. Just like a fish, it moves with its tailfin. You can control it thanks to your smarthone (Wifi connection) or waterproof remote control. Eco friendly, this drone has a 4K camera with two lamps that shoot at 150°.

6. Smartband Roxy: the smart band very girly

To you, my dear surfers, who wish to be at the height of fashion. This connected wristband by Sony and Roxy allows you to collect your sports data with the Lifelog application, to wake up with vibrations, to alert you and make taking pictures easier, while being glamorous and sexy ! So who says better?


7. Woo / Trace: extreme sensors

These boxes can be placed anywhere, on a board or a helmet for example. 2 avantages : they can recognize the different figures made (artistic memory) plus they can analyse your performance thanks to their activity sensors (speed, rotation, height, calorie etc). Find a Woo sensor at competitive prices at our partner Unleashed Wake Mag.

8. Linkytag: the smart rescuer

Linkytag is a connected box to a smartphone which is allows to save sailors who have fallen into the water. During accidents, you can find GPS coordinates of the incident, distance of sailors, the course followed by the boat and the shipwrecked person, the time between the fall and the alert. Every member of the Linkytag community receives a notification: a Smart and collaborative way to limit accidents at sea.


9. Connected surfboards: a new wave of digital for surfing

Sometimes we can feel alone in the middle of the ocean but this time is over ! New generation boards are coming to improve communication and performances (360° vision). We can mention the technology of the Samsung Galaxy S7 board which allows you to see your messages, notifications, real time informations displayed in bright letters on your board. Another example is the Pukas Surfsense board with its multitude of sensors. Be patient they are coming soon !

10. Gong Surfoil Allvator: the educative foil

Entirely designed in France, this foil makes it easier for you to learn the sport. Its rounded tips reassure in case of a fall, its 70cm wingspan and 65cm deep mast for a fast takeoff and a stable flight, its super light weight and its ultra-competitive price: all the criteria gathered to live your water experience deeply without troubles.


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IOT and Water Sports