In 2019, mix economy and ecology


In 2019, mix economy and ecology

Today, many customers are paying attention to their ecological footprint. In the watersports world especially, close to nature, the seas and oceans that are in danger. Offer them a service that reflects their image and contribute to protecting the environment while saving money.

Reduce, reuse, recycle – these are the 3Rs for a more responsible economy!

Because our role is to support you in the development of your business, we give you a few simple steps to reduce your carbon footprint :

1 – Make sorting bins available to your customers

It is all together that we will succeed in changing the course of things, so get your customers, adults and children used to recycling by providing them recycling bins with EXPLANATORY signage !


2 – Avoid plastic as much as possible 

At the bar of your spot, no more plastic straws and distribute more plastic glasses.

For purchases at your pro-shop, why not make tote bags with your logo ? (it is also a good communication idea for your spot)

3 – Turn off your computer at night when you leave your office

Even when stopped, a computer continues to consume energy. Choose power strips with a switch, which you can easily turn off. Do not leave your charger (laptop or phone) plugged in if it is no longer charging.

4 – Recycle paper

And yes, we talk about it again but a reminder shot doesn’t hurt. Print only the essential documents, reuse documents printed in internal drafts…. And above all, remember to throw your paper waste in the yellow bin.

5 – Choose a tap rather than a shower for your customers 

1 beach shower over 3 months of the season corresponds to the water consumption of a family of 5 over 1 year !

6 – Recycle the equipment you no longer use 

If you are a surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or any water sports school with equipment rental, recycle the equipment you no longer use (boards, wetsuits…). Boards and suits in good condition can be donated to associations or resold second-hand. For boards that are too worn or broken, recycle them into outdoor furniture for example: armchairs, coffee tables, benches, swings… and for wetsuits, why not make them personalized key rings? (more ideas on SpotyMag)


7 – If you have a restaurant 

Avoid waste, offer your customers cardboard DoggyBags!

You can also make yourself a composter (and reduce the volume of your waste by up to 40%).

Let us all work together to protect the environment so that the practice of our passions will always be as beautiful as ever !