Enhance your spot with beautiful photos


A few weeks ago, we taught you how to import photos into your spot page. Today, we give you some tips on how to take pretty pictures, without professional equipment. Only with your smartphone, enhance your spot and optimize your spot page.

1 – Clean your lens

It may seem silly, but it’s pretty essential! With a soft, clean cloth, make sure that there is no dust on the camera lens.

2 – Try not to use the flash

Except in very low-light situations, the use of the flash is not recommended. Use natural daylight as lighting for your images, so their quality is clearly better.

If natural light is not enough for you, increase the exposure value (EV) and ISO on your camera. (knowing that this may affect the quality of your photo)

3 – Don’t use the zoom

The digital zoom will degrade the quality of your photos. Approach or crop the image afterwards.

4 – Use both hands

By holding your smartphone with both hands and leaning your elbows on a support, you will have more stability, and therefore greater sharpness. Use autofocus to compensate for blurring and other unwanted vibrations.


5 – The HDR mode

The HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode will automate the management of lighting and shadows on your photo. This mode will take several images at different exposures simultaneously, then combine the best pieces of each into a single picture.

6 – Set a horizon line

Keep a straight horizon line for an aligned picture.

7 – Photo processing filters

Today there are hundreds of photo editing applications, such as Instagram. Be careful not to overload your photos with too many effects. But a judicious addition of effect allows to recover the light or to correct the saturation…

Enhance your spot with beautiful photos