Hygiene measures for your Neoprene wetsuits

Covid-19, what about the maintenance of your rental Neoprene suits? Thanks to Solange Cottin, director of GUARA, a company that designs and resells suits and equipment for the practice of canyoning, for this study with laboratories as well as scientists. Hygiene measures for the maintenance of your fleet of neoprene coveralls The covid-19 health crisis


Sell your shop products online

Many of you have a shop on your spot, but at the end of the season what do you do with your unsold goods? How about selling them online? It’s new and it’s on your favorite working partner! Discover the Spotyride e-shop. From your back office, activate the e-shop functionality for free. Add in a


Digital in Sport

The rise of digital has changed all economic sectors, each company had to turn to a digital strategy to meet consumer expectations. This observation also applies to the Sports World. Indeed, the arrival of digital technology in sport initially makes it possible to create links and communicate about sport in a new way. A few