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We will accompany you in your discovery of the Spotyride service! Discover all the steps below: Login to Spotyride Create your account, access your page and get your account back… More about it Update your spot page Create the page of your structure, add images, modify them and get a custom pin… More about it


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Do you have a question about putting your events online?We accompany you with our video and live tutorials: Create an event Follow the live tutorial Publish an event Follow the live tutorial     More tutorials with Spotybusiness   Spotyride helps leisure and water sports structures to develop their visibility on the web and their


Take beautiful videos with a smartphone

Today, thanks to the performance of smartphone lenses, creating beautiful Full-HD and even Ultra-HD/4K videos has never been easier. But a few points must still be respected for a most professional result. Before you start filming:  Make sure that the brightness is good, the frame (no garbage for example)… Prepare a mini-scenario Check the battery


Organize events for companies

Organize events for companies In Europe, there is not much connection between sport and business in comparison to the United States. However, these two entities are not so disconnected because from their organization, functioning to their purpose, we acknowledge similarities: success, passion, teamwork, rigour, training, falls, mutual aid or strategy… As a result of this