Digital in Sport


The rise of digital has changed all economic sectors, each company had to turn to a digital strategy to meet consumer expectations. This observation also applies to the Sports World.

Indeed, the arrival of digital technology in sport initially makes it possible to create links and communicate about sport in a new way.

A few years ago, Facebook was enough for water sports facilities to communicate with the community of enthusiasts. But for some time now, due to new social network algorithms (this is also the case for Instagram), only 6% (at most) of your fans will see your publications. As a result, many sports clubs/associations have created a website, a solution with a price, a need for web referencing skills…

So you wonder if it’s really useful for your small structure to take on the world of the Internet and the giants already well established? 

Digital has advantages for you, of course. Today, you can target your audiences as well as possible and no longer waste time in general public communications, but you still need to know where to find the community of interested people….

To do this, different solutions: Facebook Adds campaigns that will allow you to reach a defined target over a period of time, Google Adwords to bring your site up in search results according to specific keywords or to be referenced on specialized solutions.

2019, the rise of specialized marketplaces! 

Far from generalist giants such as Amazon or Cdiscount, players are adapting the model of specific marketplaces to smaller sectors. This is a real advantage for smaller companies that benefit from the marketing power of the solution, its visibility and audience. An higher visibility because it is more restricted and targeted.

A few figures on athletes (amateur or experienced) and digital: 


How does Spotyride support nautical leisure facilities in their digitisation? 

From our experience in the world of water sports facilities, we have noticed a real need for them to be supported in the digitisation process. Not enough time, skills and solutions that were too expensive, prompted us to think about a tool that would answer these problems.

For users and therefore your potential customers, Spotyride is a Smartphone application. Once downloaded, they can locate you, access your informations (opening hours, itinerary, services, prices…) and book online (if you have activated this feature).

For you, Spotyride is a dedicated digital page on which you can connect using personal ID. From this back office, you have the possibility to update your main information (mentioned above) free and activate new features that will soon be online. Moreover, through your presence on the Spotyride solution, you will be able to communicate on its own media: social networks, blog, newsletter, press (professional, tourism, sports, local, national and international) and even trade shows (tourism…).

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